Types of Acceptance 1. Express Acceptance 2. Implied Acceptance 3. Conditional Acceptance

1. Express Acceptance Express acceptance is an acceptance of the offer which is given in writing or verbal words. In this type of acceptance, the offeree gives his acceptance to the offeror in writing a document duly signed or in verbal words like acceptance given through phone call or video call.

Example:  X makes a phone call to Y and makes an offer to sell his computer for Rs. 25,000/-. Y accepts the offer. This is an example of express acceptance.

2. Implied Acceptance Implied acceptance is an acceptance of the offer which is given by the conduct or behaviour of the persons.

Example:  In the auction when the purchaser wants to bid he/she will raise their hand up for the next bid. Similarly when the auctioneer strikes the hammer thrice, means impliedly accepting the bid.

3. Conditional Acceptance In this, the promisor gives acceptance to the offer but requests the offeror for making some conditional changes or changes in the terms and conditions of the offer. Here, it will be treated as a counteroffer.

Example:  A makes an offer to sell his old house for Rs. 50 Lacs. B accepts the offer but with condition that he will pay 50% of the amount now and the other 50% next year. This amounts to the conditional acceptance and also counter offer.