difference between corporeal property and incorporeal property,

Difference Between Corporeal Property and Incorporeal Property
is provided under the Transfer of Property Act, 1882. There are two kinds of property Corporeal Property and Incorporeal Property.

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Corporeal property is tangible property that means the corporeal property is visible by naked eyes.

Incorporeal property is intangible property that means the incorporeal property is not visible by naked eyes. The incorporeal property is also known as intellectual or conventional property.

Corporeal property can be perceived by senses.

Incorporeal property cannot be perceived by senses.

Corporeal property can be seen and touched.

Incorporeal property cannot be seen and touched.

Corporeal property is the right in personam and relating to ownership of material things.

Incorporeal property is the right in rem and relating to intellectual property.

Example: Land, Buildings, Gold etc.

Example: Trademark, Copyright, Patent etc.

Corporeal property is divided into two categories;

1. Movable and Immovable Property

2. Real and Personal Property

Incorporeal property is divided into two categories;

1. Jura in re Propria

2. Jura in re Aliena or Encumbrances

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