LLM Syllabus Pune University – Two Year Course (Savitribai Phule Pune University).

The candidate to be eligible to get admission in this course must have a B.A.LL.B. /LL.B. (Bachelors of Law). Master of Law is the post-graduation course of Savitribai Phule Pune University.

llm syllabus pune university,

Semester 1

Paper Subject Credit
I Introduction to Legal Theory 04
II Constitutional Law of India 04
III Legal Research Methodology 04
IV Specialization Subject As
    a) (International Law) – Introduction to International Law
b)  (Business Law) – Principles of Corporate Law

Semester 2

Paper Subject Credit
V Practical Research Methodology 04
VI Comparative Constitutional law 04
VII  Law Making in Indian Polity & Statutory Interpretation 04
VIII Specialization Subject As
    a) (International Law) – International Institution
b)  (Business Law) – Contract – General Principles

Semester 3

Paper Subject Credit
IX Law and Social Transformation in India 04
X Law, Science and Technology 04
XI Optional Paper to be chosen by the Student 04
XII Specialization Subject As
    a) (International Law) – Private International Law
b)  (Business Law) – Consumer Law

Semester 4

Paper Subject Credit
XIII Specialization Subject As
    a) (International Law) – International Economic Law
b)  (Business Law) – Banking and Negotiable Instrument
XIV Optional Paper to be chosen by the Student 04
XV & XVI Dissertation 08

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