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Salient Features of the Civil Procedure Code

The salient features of the civil procedure code give various provisions that the concerned with state government may extend the provisions of the Code by notifying in the Official Gazette.

  • The Civil Procedure Code made the systematic procedure to be followed in the Civil Courts a very simple and ineffective manner. 

  • Enforcement of rights, duties and liabilities of the citizens are dealt with by this code. 

  • The Civil Procedure Code provides the mechanism for the execution of rights and liabilities of the citizens of the country.

  • The Civil Procedure Code is a general law and does not affect any local or special laws which are already in force in India. 

  • In case of any ambivalence with local laws or special laws, the local or special law will prevail over the Civil Procedure Code. 

  • In case, if the local law or special law is silent about any particular problem, then the Civil Procedure Code will apply therein.

  • The Civil Procedure Code has been amended several times to meet the needs and requirements of society which are changing from time to time and day-to-day. Between 1909 to 1976, the Code has been amended more than 30 times.

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