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Best books for law students in India are provided in this article. Law is an ocean. Important law books in India and books for AIB Exams that is All India Bar Examination that we advise the judicial service examination aspirants, law students, lawyers and for AIBE to make a habit of reading Bare Acts and Case laws. You can get online law books online in e-book formats.

The judicial services exam does not require research skills on any particular topic but instead,  you have to be very smart with your preparation. You may study less but you should revise regularly whatever you study earlier.

For the preliminary examinations, the bare act is very important, and the main exam 10-15 subjects ask in every State Judicial Services Examination. 

Refer to the books which are given below which will help you to crack the Judicial Services Examination. The best law books for students are useful. These are the books of law mentioned below;

Best Books on Constitution of India    

Here, we have provided some important books and best books on Constitution of Indian that every law student and lawyer go through.                      
  1. Introduction to Constitution of India by D.D. Basu
  2. Constitution of India by V.N. Shukla
  3. Bare Act on Constitution of India

Best Books on Criminal Procedure Code

  1. Criminal Procedure Code by Ratanlal & Dhirajlal
  2. Criminal Procedure Code by R.V. Kelkar’s
  3. Code of Criminal Procedure by K. Kannan
  4. Criminal Procedure Code in Hindi
  5. Criminal Procedure Code by S. N. Mishra
  6. Lecture Notes on Criminal Procedure Code by P. Pandey
  7. Bare Act on Criminal Procedure Code
  8. Criminal Procedure Code Wall Chart

Best Books on Civil Procedure Code India                 

Best Books on Transfer of Property Act                     

Best Books on Indian Contract Act                             

Best Books on Specific Reliefs Act                            

Best Books on Sale of Goods Act                               

Best Books on Indian Partnership Act                        

Best books for law students in India are provided as above for judicial services preparation, we have a complete analysis of procedural laws and a few substantive laws you come across in basic practice.

Apart from statutory law, Currently, legal News or important judicial pronouncement are also asked in the exam. Ourlegalworld cover daily Legal Update National as well as Foreign. Visit our website regularly for legal News, Legal Job Updates, Law articles, etc.

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